Poetic contemporary circus, that travels through the logic of mechanics. Can people be manipulated to perform actions they would not have chosen to do themselves? Does the free will exist? QUIPROQUO sets out on a quest to find the answers to the cause and effect relation. Their minimalistic juggling is understated and evocative. With 7 bricks, a metal ball and two sticks they are challenging the laws of gravity. The show was awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation.

“Surprising, refined and entertaining. Two equilibristic performers and jugglers perform imaginative scenes with bricks, sticks and a silver ball, and it is done with exquisite, graceful movement qualities – playfully easy and elegant.” Danstidningen

“The show moves elegantly and easily through many worlds. It is philosophical, mathematical, poetic, humorous, deeply human and at the same time very exclusive. The show gives the audience the greatest gift of live theater - Quiproquo makes us wonder. Thank you!” The Danish Arts Foundation - Film and Performing Arts


With and by: Samuel Gustavsson and Niclas Stureberg.   
Director: Mads Rosenbeck.
Composer/ Music: Sture Ericson.
Set- and Costume Design: Signe Beckmann.
Light/Sound: Tobias Stål.

Thanks to: Teaterøen, Forsøgsstationen, Dansehallerne, Projektcentret

Quiproquo premiered in March 2011 in Copenhagen, where it played for 14 days.
The show was later on performed in:
Stockholm, Sweden at Subcase international Showcase (2012)
Budapest,Hungary at L1 Dancefest (2012)
Antwerpen, Belgium at Part 2 Festival (2013)
Paris, France at Maison De Jonglage (2013)
Brescia, Italy at Wonderland Festival (2013)
Vilnius, Lithuania at Newcircus Weekend (2013)

Photo Maria Laub
Markus Hofmann

Supported by

Konstnärsnämnden, Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg, Dansk Artist Forbund, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden og Château de Monthelon.