Night for One

A visual jugglingpoem
He is found in an underground bunker, where crispy sounds and dusty recordings are his soundtrack and companion. The only light derives from his few lamps and the smell of damp concrete leads him to dripping water where he fills his dancing glass. His imagination makes him explore new twists and turns and somewhere in the dreamlike reality he recalls old memories from the variety stage. Objects and body are moved and manipulated in the closed space he calls home. Time stops for a second while the multi-faceted performer plays his games and develops tricks out of the blue.


"It's almost unbelievable what dancer and newcircus artist Samuel Gustavsson could get out of a suitcase, three paper tubes, a towel and not to forget, two glasses of water… Dance, juggling, and visual poetry melted together”" Folketidende
"abstract and poetic spaces in the synergy between light, movement patterns and floating objects ... Gustavsson's style is disarming ... And the spectacular circus style is deconstructed in favor of a simple and modern everyday magic, where circus tricks are revealed."  Terpsichore
"A grand one-man show." Straattheater

With Samuel Gustavsson.
Stage Design/costume: Signe Beckmann

Thanks to: Ørkenfortet

Night for One  premiered in 2006 in Copenhagen, where it played for one week.
The show was later on performed in:
Stockholm, Sweden at Teater Tre (2006)
Södertälje, Sweden (2006)
Copenhagen, Denmark, at KIT Nycirkusfestival (2008)
Guldborgsund, Denmark, at Byfest (2008)
Bratislava, Slovakia, at EUROART Festival (2009)
Copenhagen, Denmark, at p@rt showcase (2009)
Stavanger, Norway at Nordic Juggling convention (2010)
Paris, France, at Maison de Jonglage (2010)
Bielefeldt, Germany, at 360° Festival (2010)
Vilnius, Lithuania, at Newcircus Weekend Festival (2010)
Barcelona, Spain, at Antic Theatre (2011)
Eskilstuna, Sweden, at Eskilstuna Fringe (2011)
Roeselare, Belgium at Juggling Convention (2011)

Photo Markus Hofmann
Markus Hofmann

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