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In THE MOON ILLUSION, Rapid Eye unfolds a fantastical universe of visual, musical magic and catching playfulness.The jugglers Samuel Gustavsson and Petter Wadsten, two of Scandinavia’s most significant modern circus artists, play teasingly with the idea of optical illusions. They are supported by exceptional electronica-musician Bjørn Svin’s seducing, extraordinary beats. When Gustavsson and Wadsten with playful ease perform their acrobatic tricks, a subtle and humorous poetry emerges – it seems as if they were born to be on that stage together. 

”Delicate and poetic play with the art of illusions” ★★★★  Berlingske Tidende   
“Silent poetry, humour and dozens of rings (…) magic funnily touching moments” ★★★★  Politiken
“Exceptionally well played” ★★★★ Teater 1      
★★★★ Kulturkongen

On Stage: Petter Wadsten, Samuel Gustavsson
Composer: Bjørn Svin
Director: Lars Bethke
Co- Creators: Benjamin Richter, Nina Kareis
Costume and Set Design: Signe Beckman
Light: Tobias Stål
Video: Solvejg Hockings
Producer: Nina Koldby, Thilde Maria Kristensen
PR: Karen Toftegaard

Thanks to: Forsøgsstationen, Projektcentret, Dansehallerne, Circus Schatzinsel

The Moon Illusion premiered in April 2015 in Copenhagen, where it played for 14 days.
The show was later on performed in:
Helsinki, Finland at 531 Festival (Oct. 2015)
Stockholm, Sweden at Subcase international Showcase (March 2016)
Obernai, France at Nouveau Cirque Festival (May 2016)
Montréal, Canada at Cinars (Nov. 2016)
Stockholm, Sweden at Dieselverkstaden via Dansistan (Nov. 2016)
Bethlehem, Palestine at the International Children and Youth Theatre Festival YallaYalla, Al-Harah Theatre (April 2017)
Oulu, Finland at Cultural Centre Valve as part of Flow Circus (Sept.2017)

Photo Ulf Lundén
Andreas Bergmann Steen (1-3), Ben Hopper (4-6)

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