It’s nothing but cheating and deception, when juggler Samuel Gustavsson, a mime artist and a classical ensemble seduces the audience in the performance CHORD inspired by the emerging spiritualism in the 1800-century. Objects changes magically and acts of dissapearing, dance and improvised music creates an illusion of a higher power. And just when the audience is led in to the illusion, CHORD reveals itself and erase every form of mystery.
CHORD is inspired by the worlds first spiritual superstars and magical illusionists: The Fox Sisters from 1800-century. The succesfull medias travelled in the USA until they rewealed their tricks in front of a full theatre. But shortly after they were on the road again.
CHORD blows any genre designation playing with magical illusions, object manupulation, juggling, dance and classical music. CHORD looks into our urge of believing the lie, even though we all know it’s nothing but cheating and deception.

"Unique timing and precision in every move."  Herning Folkeblad ★★★★★
"CHORD is a show for your senses: You have to see it live." Jyllands-Posten ★★★★




With: Samuel Gustavsson, Nina Åkerlund and Ensemble MidtVest
Director: Viktoria Dalborg
Stage Design/Costumes: Signe Beckmann
Light: Tobias Stål

Thanks to: Ensemble MidtVest, Forsøgsstationen, Herning Teater, Københavns Musikteater, AFUK

Chord premiered in november 2011 in Copenhagen, where it played for one week.
The show was later on performed in:
Herning, Denmark at Team Teatret (2012)
Vostrup, Denmark at Vostrup Efterskole (2012)

Photo Maria Laub
Tobias Stål

Supported by

Statens Kunstråds Musikdramatiske Pulje samt Udviklingspuljen for basisensembler, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg og Kulturelt Samråd Herning.