New projects & W/hole on your screen

Although the world has bid us to sit on our hands for the past several months, we have nevertheless thrown new ideas into the air and seized those who have returned enriched.

We are therefore very pleased to inform that the Danish Arts Foundation has chosen to support our upcoming performance Cul De Sac - a velcro wrapped juggling match about politics and capsized negotiations. In a co-production with Dynamo Workspace in Odense. Which is also a great joy. More information about the project follows in summer/fall 2020. 

At the same time, we have gradually begun to develop another hopefully upcoming performance project. In the more scary end. We cannot reveal much more about it at the present moment, a part form it being a co-production with Flow Productions in Oulu, Finland. Another yay! But what we can reveal is that we are looking extremely much forward to getting started here in June. And even more so to share the results with you during the coming seasons.

Last but not least, we had been looking so much forward to playing our newest performance W/hole as part of this year's international showcase at the CPH Stage festival in end may. But well - the world wanted it differently. And yet - thanks to CPH Stage's super team and the Theatre Betty Nansen's hospitality, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to live stream the performance for an industry audience. And also for curious recipients of CPH Stage's newsletter. It happens on Saturday, 30.5 at. 15.45 !! Catch your seat by the screen by signing up for their newsletter HERE!

We look so much forward to see you in cyberspace!